“Timely hitting is not as sustainable as people think”

The organization of the Dominican Winter League, Tigres del Licey announced last Monday afternoon the hiring of Tony Diaz as its new manager for the 2021-2022 season of Lidom, who as soon as this Tuesday was presented to the press, bringing out a whole banquet between opinions and the way to go until the start of the season.

Tony Diaz, offered strong statements when talking about the track to walk in search of returning that identity of a “fearsome” team on the offensive that were for many years the Tigres del Licey, also raising his voice for the “timely batting”, part that for many years was the great “insignia” of the capital’s organization.

The correspondent for El Fildeo, Carlos Moreta, was one of those who managed to bring their questions to the new leader of the Tigres del Licey, Tony Diaz, who seriously believes in preparing a team with “consistent” quality on offense, mainly with strengthening a large core of players with great notion to reach the bases, as well as developing good communication between the players in the ranks of the team for the next season of Lidom.

Question from Carlos Moreta:

“What does Tony Díaz bring in the ball to recover that timely hitting as the blue team’s insignia, after a few years where that part has been intermittent?”

Tony Díaz, answer:

“I don’t think there is a magic formula, it is about honoring a preparation process, doing it in a consistent way, connecting with the players and getting the most out of each player, that takes time, that requires a relationship to be forged between us. as coaches and players ”, he declared.

“Timely hitting is not as sustainable as people think, I think we as a team do have to have more players who can get pregnant offensively,” he said.

“We have a group of players that with an effective plan and a batting plan, promoting all the resources they need and a mentality of competing pitch after pitch I think they can help us, I don’t see how that doesn’t work as long as it’s part of our identity of how we are going to prepare ”, he added.

Tony Diaz was officially introduced as the new leader of the Tigres del Licey ahead of the 2021-2022 autumn-winter tournament of the Dominican Winter League, who currently occupies the position as coach of third base in the Major Leagues with the Minnesota Twins, being introduced as manager of the team this Tuesday in a meeting through Zoom by the President of the organization, Domingo Pichardo and, the General Manager , Carlos José Lugo.