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Not all masks are visible.

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EFE.- Sharing a space or time has become a minefield where self-censorship is being a dangerous solution: say what we think today can be a passport to exile and even unemployment, if we do not agree with the “wise” majority with the complex of San Pedro or the legislator Dracon.

What is being lived with advance of extremism in the United States It would be a joke if it weren’t so flammable. And again the skin is the most allergic organ. The rest of the continent has overcome the obstacles of the European conquest without the systematic social aid that abounds here and, nevertheless, the problem is far from being overcome.

Who determines today what or who is “Racist”, “fascist” or “socialist”? Is there a scientific scale that measures it, perhaps based on the number of relationships someone has or photos posted on social “networks” in proportion of races, or the articles that you share? Impossible to imagine anything else ridiculous, childish and arbitrary.

To think that we all fall “wonderfully”, we go there enchanting with our “shine” and we hit it off without exception, it is denying human nature, which is imperfect, subjective, greasy, and spoiled. If we get along well or better with a specific being compared to another, it is more likely because of personality, attitude, aptitude or interests, and less because of their color. It seems that in Latin America this has been assumed with less complexes and more pragmatism, perhaps because they are more used to concentrating on subsist bravely, without excuses.

Gregarious or sectoral organizations abound in the US that bear labels such as “African American, Hispanic, female, Asian” or similar in their names, and that encompass a profession, interest, location, and / or hobby, making clear their access requirements. . It is perfectly valid; But can you imagine that someone created a group called the “Association of White Engineers” or something like that? Unthinkable. Then, Why can some call others “racists” without blinking?

Millionaire Tom Cruise has just suddenly determined that his mindset is more “diverse” than that of the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA). As a non-profit group of reporters who live largely on their paycheck, the HFPA managed to donate “more than 45 million dollars in the last 26 years (The IRS has not denied them) to more than 70 charities related to entertainment, as well as funding scholarships and other programs for future film and television professionals. In contrast, how much has the heartthrob Cruise donated to these or other causes, in proportion to his stratospheric income?

The HFPA announced changes to “diversity” in February, but now NBC has decided not to wait and canceled the broadcast of its Golden Globes awards for the fear of them and their advertisers to be also vetoed and accused of discrimination. That is the new strategy in the search for plurality and “tolerance”: destroy without the right to defense.

Another serious precedent: those who represent the promising poet Amanda Gorman – famous since Biden’s inauguration – they have demanded that their translations be carried out only by young women of African American origin, such as the author … AND “Who translates ignorance?” Professor Luis Silva Villar, Ph.D. in Language and Linguistics (Spain and USA) asked them rhetorically.

Some demand acceptance, but kick. In this scenario, do we hope to guarantee peaceful coexistence? It is a journey doomed to eternal frustration. Let us take advantage of the long-awaited end of the pandemic to also unmask the divisionists and vaccinate ourselves against the manipulators, come from where they come. The path to equal opportunities is not blackmail, but education family and school.

Andrés Correa Guatarasma is a Venezuelan correspondent and playwright residing in New York, corresponding member of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language.

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