“Time to break some heads”

Luke Rockhold before a fight | Image: Zuffa

Luke Rockhold was once UF Middleweight World ChampionC but lost the title in his first defense and never had a chance to win it back due to his erratic career afterward. In the following three fights he has played, he achieved a victory but later suffered two defeats, being the last in his debut at light heavyweight.

Luke Rockold returns to “break heads”

He was also affected by the different injuries he has had in these years. But now he is preparing to return. He still has no date or opponent. And maybe the fact that he doesn’t have a scheduled match is because “some fighters are turning him down.”, as Luke Rockhold stated in a recent interview on Real Quick With Mike Swick:

«Time to break some heads. My body feels good, right now I am at 205 pounds. Everything is pretty good, I just have to find an idiot to fight … At middleweight, that’s where I am. It is where I feel good, where I feel light, where I feel comfortable. It’s where I hurt and where I won world titles. And I plan to do it again.

«I need to find someone in the Top 10 who wants to fight me. There are already some making excuses not to fight me. It’s like who the hell are you to turn down the fight? Where is your right to what you think you have? My last fight was with Yoel Romero, who two years ago had a title shot. Everybody knows who I am and what I can do. And that’s why everyone is making excuses not to fight me right now.

Luke rockholdLuke Rockhold | Image: Mike Roach / Zuffa LLC

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