“Time”: New Premiere – Music News

Ozuna recently released his new material entitled, “Time” a song that will make us reflect on what we had not considered, are you ready? We tell you all the details here in Music News!

Weather! This song premiered on May 6 and Ozuna has been very happy with the response from his fans, a song whose official video clip on YouTube exceeds more than 35 million views!

Time is something delicate, something complex, more than we think in fact, because time is unfortunately the only thing that does not return, although they say yes, we will never know how to do it, the reality is that the opportunities in the timeline at least the one that we know, they occur only once.

Basically you have to learn to value time, your time, and time with your loved ones, because many times we think that tomorrow we will be there, tomorrow we will pay attention to that talk with mother, tomorrow we will listen to our partner, tomorrow yes, and Thus, we live in a kind of negligence that unfortunately makes us think that we have today’s insurance for tomorrow, and the reality is that tomorrow everything could change.

What are you going to see in this video? A lot of abstraction and futurism in the structures in which Ozuna decided to dance, a lot of style from our handsome and talented singer and a lot of time to explain in the song of course.

The public did not take long to show their support and joy for this new single and the reality is that we are happy that it is so! We leave you the link to Ozuna’s new song titled, “Tiempo”! Enjoy it here!

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