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When the Epic Games Store platform was launched, one of its attractions was its commission scheme that only asks 12% from the creatives who offer their product there, a figure that broke the 30% standard of Apple, Google and Valve. From that moment on, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, has continued to criticize his competitors, pointing to their charges as unfair and recently launched himself fully against Apple for an event that took place as a result of the pandemic.

Through his official Twitter account, Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, strongly criticized Apple after the controversy surrounded the company after maintaining the 30% commission charge to the ClassPass application. According to the information, the application, designed for scheduling classes in gyms, has become very popular during the COVID-19 pandemic and the creators of the application responded by turning it into an online class platform. However, after converting its business into something totally virtual, Apple asked for 30% as a commission for all operations carried out through its products since the application has support on iOS.

As a result of this, Tim Sweeney pointed out that Apple had gone crazy and that it had no right to collect 30% of the income of a business just for manufacturing the phone from where it is accessed. In addition, he was blunt in saying that if Apple had the opportunity, it would block the Internet, control the sites that can be visited and then charge 30% to any company that does business on the network.

Finally, Sweeney mentioned that he was uncomfortable referring to Apple in this way, especially because he recognizes the history and importance of the company, but acknowledged that its practices are designed to block competition through hardware, an idea that he does not share, he says. , stops technological progress.

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