Tim Sweeney criticized Apple’s new commission system for this reason

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Apple yesterday announced its App Store Small Business Program, an initiative that seeks to help small businesses and independent developers with a significant reduction in App Store fees.

The announcement was well received in general terms and attracted a lot of attention since it was made in the middle of the legal battle between Apple and Epic Games, where commissions have been one of the most discussed topics.

The Apple program did not leave indifferent Tim Sweeney, head of Epic, who spoke on the subject and again attacked certain policies of the Cupertino company. On the other hand, he explained what his real goal is that he wants to achieve with the conflict with Apple.

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This is how Tim Sweeney reacted to Apple’s new initiative

Tim Sweeney has repeatedly criticized Apple and its fee collection on the App Store. The head of Epic Games clarified that his legal battle with the company is not focused on the 30% commission fee that is charged.

The manager stated that they are not looking for a lower commission for Epic Games, because what they want to achieve is fairer competition throughout the market. He also stressed his position and stated that Apple’s 30% commission is a “bad deal.”

“Epic is fighting for fair competition between mobile platform companies, stores and payment processors. If iOS were open to competitive payments and stores, we would be happy to come back, even if Apple’s own payment service still charged 30%, ”Sweeney said.

The manager emphasized that the main problem with Apple is that it blocks competing stores and the systems for making payments in them “to ensure that good deals cannot be offered to developers.”

Sweeney clarified that it is good news that Apple is reducing its commissions for independent developers; however, he was criticized by the program as he believes that few people will directly benefit. In addition, he noted that the initiative does not help consumers in any way.

“It’s great that Apple is offering a better deal to independent developers, but 95% of purchases are in larger apps that Apple still taxes at 30%, so this will not provide a relief to consumers who pay inflated prices for the articles ”, added the manager.

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