Tim Cook explains why you can’t install apps outside of the App Store

The New York Times interview with Tim Cook is still giving something to talk about, now it is the turn of the App Store. Asked about a lot of relevant and current topics, the CEO of Apple already commented on the company’s interest in the Apple Car. And also about the impact it can have on the future augmented reality.

However, Tim Cook has also spoken out on one of the most important issues of recent times in relation to the App Store and applications for the iPhone and iPad. All this has to do with the open dispute between Apple and Epic, and the latter’s claims to force the Cupertino company to allow apps to be installed beyond the App Store.

And it is that although the current situation of Epic, the developer of Fornite, has to do with a flagrant violation of App Store rules, its main argument continues to be the alleged lack of freedom for users to install apps outside of the Store.

What Epic basically wants, judging by its demand, is basically to force Apple to allow apps to be installed on the iPhone without going through the App Store. Something that will never happen. The reason? It is precisely the control of the App Store which guarantees the security and privacy of users.

For Tim Cook, the App Store is a guarantee of security and privacy

As Tim Cook pointed out in the interview, opening the door for anyone to install an app outside the control offered by its app store “would break the privacy and security model” offered by Apple:

“It’s about complying with the rules and guidelines of the ‌App Store‌, and [Epic] they had done it for years. They then decided that they obviously no longer wanted to follow the rules and had approved something during the review process, and then after they had gone through the app review, they changed it on the server side. So it was a deceptive maneuver. And then we go to court. We come to tell our story. We are going to talk about the privacy and security aspects of the store. And we trust our case ».

Tim Cook in The New York Times

It is not the first time that both Apple and Tim Cook have made clear the company’s position regarding their app store and its ecosystem. With Apple’s recent moves around improving user privacy, it seems that the App Store remains the best guarantee for both developers and consumers.