Tim Cook has announced a expanding Apple’s efforts to donate medical supplies to fight the coronavirus. In a first phase, Apple donated 10 million masks for US health workers. Now, the CEO of Apple has announced a plan to expand it nationally and globally.

20 million masks and 1 million face shields

If at first Apple focused on protecting employees, suppliers and customers, Apple has been opening its initiatives for a few weeks. Through his Twitter account, Tim Cook states that Apple is working to provide sanitary material intended to fight the coronavirus.

After wishing that everyone is in good health, the CEO has listed the two initiatives that your company is running. They are as follows:

Surgical masks: Apple has obtained 20 million masks and is coordinating its delivery throughout the world through its supply chain.
Facial screens: a transparent panel that adjusts to the head and that protects the mouth, eyes and nose. They have created 1 million and expect to have another million every week.

On these screens, Cook has indicated that several Apple teams have worked on their preparation. From design to operations, through packaging and shipping. Being a thin transparent sheet, Apple is capable of packaging 100 of them in a single box and each can be “assembled” in two minutes. Contrary to what happens with masks, these screens can be reused.

Apple is coordinating with the authorities of “all levels” both in the US and in the rest of the world to deliver this equipment to health teams. According to the CEO, his company continues to work on more initiatives for expand your efforts the way you can best fight the virus. Something that should be seen in the coming weeks.

         Tim Cook expands Apple’s efforts to donate medical supplies worldwide