Tim Burton’s displeasure during production

Burton would have been upset at the idea of ​​changing the ending of the story. Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures | Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

In its almost 30 years of existence, “The Nightmare Before Christmas”Has remained a true benchmark in the field of stop-motion animation with songs that have fascinated and moved children and adults alike. Although the tape is easily associated with the name of Tim Burton, It is true that little was involved in the production process.

The latter would have been revealed during an episode of « The Holiday Movies That Made Us”, Documentary series by Netflix in which, in the same way as “The Movies That Made Us”, Presents in each episode a retrospective on the making of a specific film that today is considered classic.

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The documentary would reveal that the making of the film was a long and harrowing road, with a great number of obstacles in each of the stages of production. Between disputes, dislikes and arguments, Burton would end up leaving a hole in the wall of one of the studio facilities of Disney.

There was a time when the ending of the tape would receive a drastic change due to some annotations from the director Henry Selick. As many will remember, at the end of the tape the fearsome Oogie boogie it entangles one of its threads, causing the seams on its body to unravel and reveal the bugs that it conformed to in the creature’s body.

Selick would have devised an alternate ending in which it would be revealed that he was actually the Dr. Finkelstein who controlled the antagonist of the film, giving the film what many workers in the narrative medium call a « classic Scooby Doo ending. » This would have resulted in total opposition from Burton.

“I came up with this idea that Oogie boogie he was really the evil scientist inside him, « he says. Selick in the documentary. « Tim I hate it so much. He kicked a hole in the wall and I told him ‘Tim, Is your foot okay? ‘ and he replied ‘Yes, they are fingers of steel’. That was one of our most colorful interactions.  »

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It would be revealed that after the incident one of the members of the production wrote next to the repair of the wall “Tim kicked a hole in here, ”only to frame it later. After the tape was finished, the screenwriter Caroline thompson approached Burton to talk about changing the ending, to what he would « explode in a screaming fit » and « attack an editing machine. » As is evident, the ending of the film remained intact.

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