TikToker gets a greeting from Chayanne for his mother and this was his reaction – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – .

A son would do anything to see his mother happy and with the help of technology, and how easy it is to go viral, what is achieved can be a lot.

It was through “Tik Tok” that a young man, identified as Matías Barrera (@matiasibm) shared a video directed for the singer Chayanne, in which he made a special request.

In the recording, the young man, who was willing to please his mother, asked the Puerto Rican for a birthday greeting for his mother.

“I want to give you something that you really like,” added the Chilean, in a video that to date exceeds 137 thousand likes.

Although it seemed an impossible request to reach the singer and for him to agree; it was possible.

It was through the singer’s daughter that he found out and fulfilled the dream of Elizabeth (Matías’s mother).

In the recording sent to the woman, he is seen watching how Chayanne, sitting at a table, learns of his history as a fan of the singer, and of his son’s wishes to celebrate his birthday.

“Noooo, Chayanne!”, He shouted almost instantly when he saw the Puerto Rican. “At the end (of seeing Chayanne’s greeting) he hugged me and got more excited”, confessed the tiktoker in the last scene of his laborious mission, which has already been became a trend on social media.

By: Multimedios