TikToker criticized for asking a girl for an iPhone after giving it to her

It is quite true what is said out there that you should not believe everything you see on the Internet, especially on social networks, since in addition to being the ideal platforms to circulate false information, they are also platforms for those obsessed with gathering many followers are capable of doing the unthinkable in order to attract more people or likes.

Precisely andn different social networks, a boy named Alexánder Volóshin, a TikTok user, has been harshly criticized that he has become quite a celebrity in his country (Ukraine), so it is very common that on the streets, some fans approach him to get a photograph or an autograph.

In recent days, someone captured with his cell phone the moment when Volóshin meets a girl who claims to be his fan. The little girl asks for a photo, which he agrees to, and seconds later, He takes out an iPhone from among his clothes, which ends up giving it to the child.

Seconds later, after someone who helps this tiktoker record his videos told him that He had already finished taking the clip, the Ukrainian influencer asked the girl to return the cell phone, indicating that he only gave it to him to record a video for his social network.

Disappointed, the girl’s mother also recorded the embarrassing moment and not only that, the tiktoker ended up offering them about $ 70 dollars to prevent the scene from becoming a scandal, which she did not achieve.

Despite the girl’s mother calling the authorities so that Volóshin would not take away her cell phone, the reputation of the tiktoker was harshly criticized on social networks, since the image it reflects on its social networks is totally different from what it projects on the real life.

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