According to a new report, The popular TikTok application reportedly ordered content removed from its platform that showed “ugly” or “poor” people. The company would have instructed moderators to remove this type of content to attract new users. In addition, according to the report, the application would have censored political speeches within its platform.

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According to documents recovered in The Intercept report, TikTok It would have sent its moderators to remove content with people who presented an “abnormal body shape” or “bad facial appearance“Including people who are overweight or” too thin. ” The documents recovered by The Intercept also reveal that videos showing environments such as “slums”, “rural settings” or “houses in poor condition” would be removed or hidden from new users. According to the documents, this content would have been hidden from new TikTok users to “increase the retention rate of new users.”

However, a TikTok spokesperson came out to say that the documents cited in the report constitute guidelines that are not currently in practice, and that were never even in force. On the other hand, the spokesperson commented that if TikTok ordered to eliminate or hide videos with unattractive, disabled or poor people was as a prevention measure against bullying and cyber bullying on its platform, although it is unclear how long it has carried out this practice.