The video begins with an image of a man talking on the phone in front of his competitor

The video was originally streamed live on Facebook before circulating on other platforms including TikTok.

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LONDON.- TikTok reported that he is working for remove he video of a man who apparently he took his life and is blocking to users trying to share the clip on the popular platform.

This is the latest example of the continued struggle by big tech companies to monitor their platforms for harmful content as pressure from regulators mounts.

He video was originally streamed live on Facebook before circulating on other platforms including TikTokthe company said.

He did not elaborate on the video, but news reports say it has been circulating in TikTok since Sunday and showing a man shooting himself with a pistol.

« Our systems, along with our moderation teams, have been detecting and blocking these clips for violating our policies against content that displays, praises, glorifies or promotes suicide, » TikTok said in a statement.

« We are blocking accounts that repeatedly try to upload clips, » the company added, saying it thanks those users who have helped detect harmful content.

President Donald Trump ordered the owner of Tiktok, Chinese firm ByteDance, to sell its US operations over concerns about cybersecurity and censorship. The platform has become very popular with teens in large part due to the company’s algorithms, which decide which videos users watch, without first requiring them to follow other users or specify their preferences.

Facebook said it removed the video original the same day it aired last month and that it has « used automation technology to remove copies and uploads from that moment on. « 

Social media users have been warning others about the clips, saying that some have been edited to include cat shots to mislead viewers. Others are posting a screenshot of the beginning of the video so people know which clips to avoid.

TikTok He urged people who are suicidal or worried about someone to seek professional support.

Who is the man who appears in the video?

According to information from social networks, the man who appears in the video that began to go viral shortly after the event, on August 31, is identified as Ronnie McNutt, 33, while sitting at a desk in his Mississippi home.

A friend of Ronnie’s wrote on Twitter: « Today is a sad day. Our partner Ronnie McNutt died today on a Facebook livestream. As I know, he was a very nice guy. But he was depressed. And well. He committed suicide. He killed himself. shot himself with a shotgun.  »