TikTok presents its latest security news

TikTok updates its Security Center with new guides and resources designed to support conversations about digital safety, and thus make it easier for parents to understand how the platform works and the tools available to achieve the best possible experience for their family.

This update joins the recent launch in Spain of the TikTok Guide for Parents, and represents a further step in the company’s commitment to promoting responsible digital learning and behavior to help ensure the safety of minors.

Our Safety Center is an important part of how we can support families on TikTok. That is why we make it accessible to everyone directly from the settings and other parts of our application. We continue to invest in new ways to maintain a safe and welcoming platform and we are committed to earning the trust of our TikTok community every time they open the app, ”concludes Alexandra Evans, Head of Public Policy for Child Safety at TikTok in Europe.

Videos on the company’s approach to platform security

TikTok’s approach to security encompasses policies, products, and supporters, as it builds a community where creative expression thrives.

The Safety Center provides parents and guardians with information on the current safety ecosystem, through new videos about how TikTok works on safety, our Community Guidelines, and available resources.

Information on how TikTok works with experts

TikTok is aware that in terms of security, the entire industry must work together. For this reason, the platform has strengthened relationships with the main security experts. Thus, this update from the Security Center offers the community information about TikTok and some concepts, such as media literacy and digital well-being, which they have developed together with experts from organizations such as the National Association for Media Literacy Education (NAMLE). , the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), Connect Safely, the Institute for Online Family Safety and the National Association of Parents of Students, or the recently announced collaboration project with PantallasAmigas.

Bullying prevention and education resources

TikTok is a global community that thrives on the creativity and expression of its creators. Therefore, it is essential that people feel safe on the platform in order to express themselves without fear of intimidation or harassment.

In order to educate families and the TikTok community about ways to protect against online bullying, the platform has also developed a ‘Bullying Prevention Guide’, in collaboration with several expert institutions, such as the Centro de Investigación del Cyberbullying, Net Family News, and the United States TikTok Content Advisory Council.

This guide also provides information to help people identify bullying, tools to combat it, and local resources for help if someone is being bullied.

Guide for Parents and Guardians

Keeping teens safe requires collaboration from parents, experts, governments, and platforms. Precisely to support families, TikTok has incorporated the Guide for parents and guardians, a unique section to learn everything about the platform.

With information on how to get started on TikTok, the security and privacy tools available, the Family Synchronization mode, and answers to frequently asked questions regarding online safety.

Every teenager and family is different, which is why TikTok offers a wide range of options and settings to empower parents and guardians who are looking for easy ways to accompany their children in their online life.

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