TikTok now lets you add automatic subtitles to videos

When a platform grows the way TikTok does globally, accessibility options must evolve as well. In the last hours, the popular video platform announced the addition of automatic subtitles to its content. The new feature will initially be available for two languages, English and Japanese, but will be expanded soon.

In its official announcement, TikTok addressed the need to incorporate more inclusion tools to improve community outreach and expression. “We are committed to fostering an inclusive application environment, and that means creating products and tools that support our diverse community,” the company statement said.

The subtitles on TikTok were specially designed for users with hearing impairments.. In this way, they will be able to have a more complete experience when interacting with the service. And while users could already manually subtitle their posts by adding text over the clips, the new option opts for a simple and direct method.

How do automatic captions work on TikTok?

TikTok's automatic captions will initially be available in English and Japanese.

From now on, content creators will be able to choose the automatic subtitles option while editing the material before publishing it. TikTok will analyze the audio and transcribe it, displaying the text over the video. The creators will be able to edit the subtitles once they have been generated, this to correct errors or mistakes in the interpretation.

It is worth clarifying that the other users will not be obliged to reproduce the content with the subtitles. They can easily deactivate them from the panel to share the publications. What is not yet known is when support for a greater number of languages ​​will arrive, but TikTok mentioned that it will be in the “next few months.”

“We are working with our community to spread the word and encourage all creators to use automatic captions, and the other features that make content more accessible,” they said from the service.

TikTok already has other accessibility tools in operation. These include the “text-to-speech” function and alerts on photosensitive content. This last option allows users suffering from epilepsy to skip posts that can potentially harm their health.