TikTok has launched its first television app on devices with Amazon Fire TV. The app, under the name More on TikTok, will include video playlists and compilations selected by the company, as well as interviews with content creators that can exceed 60 seconds.

TikTok is bringing its videos to television for the first time.

The mobile video platform is launching an app on Amazon Fire TV devices in the United States for the first time in its history, as confirmed by Amazon and TikTok to Business Insider.

The app, which goes by the name More on TikTok, includes video playlists and compilations curated by the company, as well as interviews with content creators, among other things.

“We know that during this time many families and individuals are watching any type of entertainment content together,” says Nick Tran, head of global marketing for TikTok. “We have found that many people watch videos at the same time and it is difficult to do so on a mobile device, so we wanted to take this content to a different medium.”

This type of content has begun to be implemented today and little by little the Alexa voice search will be integrated.

TikTok, which has increased its audience during the pandemic, you are treating this app as an experiment to see how your mobile videos work on television.

During launch, content will only be viewable on More on TikTok. LUsers will not be able to log in, upload videos, or buy and exchange coins within the app.

“You don’t interact with the app,” says Tran. “You’re laying back and consuming it all.”

TikTok will also test content longer than 60 seconds and there will be two new categories: In The Studio, which includes interviews with the platform’s stars, and This is TikTok, which will show the platform’s everyday creators.

Tran also said the app is an ideal testing ground for content like his upcoming live concert with The Weeknd. “We know how engaging the current mobile experience is,” says Tran, who joined TikTok in April from Hulu. “Our approach is to allow the community and creators to try a lot of different things”.

Connect the Amazon Fire TV Stick to your TV and start streaming content in minutes. With the Alexa voice control, all you have to do is press a button and ask it to search for your favorite movies and episodes of series, sports, news, music, etc.

Amazon says that the entry of TikTok on television comes at the right time, as apps on television that are usually consumed on mobile phones are exploding

Amazon has pointed out that More on TikTok comes at the perfect time, since people who use Fire TV They are using apps that are commonly used on mobiles.

Apps like Facebook Watch, MasterClass, Peloton or Audible have experienced huge spikes on Fire TV As people stay home

From January to June, apps created by mobile app developers saw a more than 70% increase in total hours on Fire TV in the United States, compared to the previous six months. The growth rate of active users of these types of applications was also double that of all Fire TV apps.

“The content that we used to associate with mobile is now being consumed on the big screen”, says Matt Clark, director of content and app partner engagement at Amazon. “We are excited that this content is finding its audience in the living room and we hope this trend will continue even after people no longer have to confine themselves.”

More on TikTok will be free and will not show ads.

Now TikTok is facing intense pressure from President Donald Trump to separate from its China-based parent company ByteDance or risk being banned in the country. At the moment, it appears that Microsoft is in talks with TikTok to acquire the company’s US operations.

At the moment, TikTok is building its platform for the long term. “TikTok will be here for many years to come,” the company states as part of a statement in response to the political issues.

This article was published in Business Insider Spain by Carlos Ferrer-Bonsoms.