Paradise of the young segment of the population – even more, if possible, in this period of quarantine by the coronavirus – and inexplicable app for some older people, TikTok would have urged its moderators to pursue the content created by profiles that do not fit the ideal user model of the platform. People considered “ugly, fat or poor” would be among those that the Chinese-based social network does not want to promote among the rest of its millions of recurring visitors.

The Intercept picks it up in an investigation published as a result of documents obtained that, precisely, would be addressed to the moderators of the platform. According to the mentioned medium, the measures applied in TikTok would be thought to promote user interaction, favoring the discovery of content that from the same is considered ideal so as not to “decrease the retention rate of new users in the short term”.

From appearance to speech

As reflected in the aforementioned article, TikTok would have at some time developed moderation rules to pursue the content of those who had an “abnormal body shape, beer belly, obesity” or who had “ugly facial features or deformities”, thus like that of those record your videos in a “dilapidated or ugly” environment.

Everything lies in the interest that these factors, according to the social network, generate in the rest of the users who make use of it, because “if the appearance of the person or the recording environment is not good, the video will be much less attractive , not worth recommending to new users. ” They would remain, in this way, marginalized on the platform, out of the loop of algorithms and recommendations that allow you to discover new content creators.

According to the social network, these averages were “a forceful and early attempt to prevent bullying”, but they are no longer operative and, in some cases, never were. Even so, The Intercept ensures that at the end of 2019 they were still in operation.

Similarly, the article also details similar proposals for chase political speeches within TikTok, an action that falls within China’s operating frameworks on digital platforms. “Defamation of public officials, political or religious leaders”, or “the families of leaders” would be punished by a temporary suspension of the platform, while “jeopardizing national security” or “national honor and interests” could result in complete account deletion.

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