The culés have not been able to recover the prestige in Europe since 2015, when they were crowned with Luis Enriquand; in the last five tournaments they have been eliminated in the quarterfinals, except last tournament that Liverpool eliminated them in the semifinals giving them a score of 4-0 at the stadium of Anfield.

What happened in Lisbon was the end of a team that built an aura and had a very powerful indulgence produced by those who won so much with virtuous football, having as a star Messi, but those who rocked the crib were Xavi and Iniesta. Today, after that shameful and humiliating defeat, a tsunami of questions and radical changes is coming to start another cycle.

Barcelona has spent around one billion euros in the last five years, Neymar being the most profitable; the others, starting with Coutinho (145), Dembélé (138), etc., did not perform as expected. Other players who have already given their maximum will have to emigrate. Now President Bartomeu, who did not know how to stop the decline, has just hired Koeman, who comes to the rescue, despite the fact that his last teams have not done well.

Impressive football displayed by him Bayern in the semifinal, changes of pace and overwhelming transitions, his lines fully embraced (less than 30 meters), making a bilge that he had not seen for a long time, irrepressible intensity and pressure, passes between indecipherable lines; in short, a perfect machine, forceful and with sublime players, against an unrecognizable Barcelona.

Pep has been champion in La Liga, Bundesliga and Premiere. After the last Champions League he won with Barcelona (2011), he has been hired by Bayern and City almost exclusively to take them to the European title, which has not been possible, despite having the most expensive team in the world today. world, with a Transfermarkt value of 1.07 billion pounds. Surely you will have a lot to rethink to get the long-awaited title; his ability and talent are foolproof.

PSG, fulfilling what was expected, reaches the final in the hands of an inspired Neymar, who together with Di María and Mbappé, awakened Leipzig and their young wonder Nagelsmann as a coach, of which we had already spoken, who played a football brilliant and reached the semifinals surprising everyone. In these matches the relevant, different players, with fantastic contracts, must show their quality and their worth. The clear example is currently Neymar, who is seen to be determined to kiss the Orejona.

Bayern, with a suffocating and sweeping football, eliminated Lyon and will face PSG in the Champions League final on Sunday; It is the fifth and sixth most expensive schools in the world, which are 90 minutes away from crediting the investment and making the dream come true.

The PSG with three aliens in front and the overwhelming Bayern with 42 goals in 10 games. Once again a spectacular and sublime Champions


The culés have not been able to recover the prestige in Europe since 2015


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