Tigress !, Natalia Téllez poses for Instagram in a small swimsuit

Tigress !, Natalia Téllez poses for Instagram in a small swimsuit (Instagram)

¡Tigresa !, Natalia Téllez poses for Instagram in a small swimsuit | Instagram

The beautiful host Natalia Téllez consented to Instagram posing in a very natural way in a feline swimsuit for her most fervent admirers.

The beauty of television shared on her official Instagram account a photograph in which she looks really spectacular, well Natalia Tellez She posed in a small two-piece swimsuit with a feline print and very flirty for the camera.

The conductive She knows she possesses a natural beauty, which is why she made nature her accomplice and posed next to the vegetation to show off her beautiful anatomy on Instagram.

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Natalia Téllez allowed to see her shapely legs and worked abdomen and to complement her outfit, she accompanied it with a short golden chain and her short and flowing hair.

La tigresa de la carreta, wrote the beautiful host of programs like Hoy y Divine net next to the image.

Natalia Téllez shared this photo two days ago and has obtained more than 175 thousand reactions on the famous social network.

The comment box received more than 900, who spoke about the beauty of the television star, but also many of them pointed out that Natalia Téllez should eat more, since she seems too thin.

Many people have exclaimed this point of view on various occasions; However, the beautiful host of Netas divinas has silenced many mouths with some photographs, where some have pointed out that she is thin, but she has everything very well in place and has a very beautiful silhouette.

Who will surely support this theory is himself Chumel Torres, ex of the famous host, who described her as the most beautiful girl in the world.

Recently, the irreverent journalist confessed in an interview with Yordi Rosado some of his experiences with Natalia Téllez.


Chumel and Natalia had a relationship for a few months, which were the best of his life, according to the journalist.

Chumel Torres He told Yordi that he fell in love at first sight when he saw Natalia Téllez; however, it wasn’t until long after Aislinn did their paths really cross.

The host had to interview Torres, but everything seemed to have been chaos, since the topic to be addressed put them at very different angles; but something good came out of there, exchange of telephone numbers and a way out.

The day after the interview, Chumel Torres organized a meeting where since the driver arrived she became the center of his attention.

The journalist confessed that he completely ignored his followers and talked all night with Natalia TellezIt was during this coexistence that she questioned him if he was going to kiss her, the kiss came that way.

A friend of Chumel told him that those present were recording it with the television star; but Chumel Torres indicated that he did not care since he was kissing the most beautiful woman in the world.

The famous said that he only has good things to talk about the driver and that although their relationship ended, they were one of the best months of his life.

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It seems that Natalia Tellez left a huge mark on him and beautiful memories. For her part, the host did not speak about the words that Chumel Torres shared.

Despite this, the followers of both do not stop romantically linking them and there are those who assure that Natalia Téllez and Chumel Torres they should come back.

Natalia is a pretty girl who enjoys freedom and love at the time, she is often romantically linked to various gallants; however, it has not been seen to formalize. Meanwhile, the star continues to delight her followers on social media and the small screen.