Tigres UANL: Ricardo Ferretti hesitates with Tito Villa and his ‘controversial’ scolding

Seven years have passed since that preseason in which Tuca Ferretti made an iconic tantrum in a practice of the UANL Tigres, when he put all the feline footballers to tremble in a session of ‘centers’ in which they did not understand the basic concepts that the experienced Brazilian coach intended to instill.

Now, in your role as a sports analyst, Emanuel ‘El Tito’ Villa, one of the protagonists of that scene, asked Ferretti what would have happened if he had missed the ‘center’ that asked him to put the sample to the rest of his classmates.

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In that scene, Ferretti explodes into anger shouting insults at the lack of understanding of his clients, launching the now famous “Gaga Magre, pend3j0, ch1ng4 you pu7a shit the two, penetration, shit.”

Immediately afterwards, Ferretti asked Tito Villa to put a service to the space for himself to show them how to run towards the ball and hit a volley that left his pupils silenced.

“Villa, take pa pu7a ball …. uta m1erd4. There is no way, here it is not, there it is not, it is here, if they do not work well, the pu74 ball ch1ng4d4 mother was lost, period. There is a hole that I have to Come in, that’s all. Dale Villa, here, look, “said Ferreti as he ran and kicked the ball first.

“Ching4ad4 mother, shit4 …. sixty pu70s years of prosthetics and I do it better than you,” he finished by saying.

In the interview with TUDN, Villa and Ferretti joked about that epic episode and it was Tito who began by asking what would have happened if that measured center that he sent to Ferretti had not been good.

“I have a question that I kept saved since 2013, 2014, on that afternoon in Cancun, where we were shooting on goal, remember? Then that video that went viral was circulating, what would have happened if the center had passed you badly ? “asked Villa.

“Tito, I knew that you weren’t going to throw it wrong, you were the only one who could put that ball on me as Tito, I was totally sure. I was sure Tito was going to make it a hottie, too bad I couldn’t play your side, I would have made you a scoring champion 10 times, “said the smiling Tuca.

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