Tigres UANL: Cemex executive sentences Miguel Herrera with his reinforcements

Although the director of Cemex, Mauricio Doehner, specified that he will not meddle in sports decisions within the UANL Tigers team, he made it very clear that he will not allow the reinforcements requested by the coaching staff and the sports president of the felines to remain on the bench, as they are assets of the equipment that will be depreciating.

Doehner’s statements come to mind after the rumors of the possible signing of Juan Pablo Vigón from the UNAM Pumas, who is looming to be a substitute player in the team he directs Miguel Herrera.

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Faced with this situation, the president of the Liaison Committee between Cemex and Sinergia Deportiva, Mauricio Doehner, made it clear that for the contracting of the reinforcements requested by Miguel Herrera and Mauricio Culebro, there will be a ‘padlock’ and a right of veto if they do not consider them appropriate.

In the Negonautas podcast, The Dosax Business, Doehner made it clear that he will not get involved in sports matters, but he will question the administrative terms in which the hiring is carried out, that is, he expects that each transfer proposal is accompanied by a clear explanation and Point of why that player is a necessity in the feline team, because he does not want them to be sitting on the bench depreciating afterwards.

“For me that player, those legs are an asset, an asset of the institution, so if you have it in the bank, then you are depreciating that asset. I want to know why do you want to bring that player? What are you missing? I want to understand that, and fortunately I have learned something from this, “said the manager.

At the moment, these statements collide with the claims of Miguel Herrera and Culebro to hire Vigón, a player who would not become a starter, since in those positions they already have Guido Pizarro and Rafael Carioca, as well as Édgar Dueñas, a footballer who is used as relay and with whom he would come to compete.

Only Frenchman Florian Thauvin has joined Tigres, but in stove football Orbelín Pineda, Juan Pablo Vigón and Ignacio Rivero are mentioned as options to reach the feline team.

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