Tigres: Leo Fernández convinced Miguel Herrera to stay in AP2021

One of the players who were at the starting gate of Tigers it was Leo Fernandez, who did not enter into Miguel Herrera’s plans; However, his future with the feline team has taken an unexpected turn.

Despite the fact that Tigres has the foreigners’ square occupied and one of his intentions was to sell some, the Uruguayan attacker managed to convince the ‘Piojo’ in training, for which he will remain for him Opening 2021. according to Jorge Rosales.

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It is no secret that both Toluca What Xolos from Tijuana They were the teams most interested in their services, but the source indicates that Leo Fernández will try to win a starting position under Herrera.

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Fernández will have tough competition, since Luis Quiñones, Javier Aquino, Nico López and Florian Thauvin, are the players who will fight for a place on the wings, this, considering that he plays with a system to accommodate all the attackers he has.

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