Tight! Chiquis Rivera shows off and dances in a mini skirt

Tight! Chiquis Rivera shows off and dances in a mini skirt | Instagram

Jenni Rivera’s daughter impressed her followers on social networks not only for her hip movements but also for choosing to I have talent, a lot of talent a wardrobe that would take anyone’s breath away. The beautiful Chiquis Rivera placeholder image she decided to go to the television show tighter than ever and in a mini skirt.

The ex of Lorenzo Mendez She showed that singleness fell to her wonderfully and she boasted championship anatomy clad in a dress with different textures and that it looked like a second skin in her very curvy figure, on the other hand, the skirt was quite short and with her very slow dance movements and liltingly stole sighs everywhere.

Chiquis Rivera complemented her outfit with very high boots and her long straight and loose hair, making her look more stylish, sophisticated and beautiful. The singer He used a sofa and some other things to make the video he shared on his official Instagram account more attractive.

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The video was shared on the famous social network 18 hours ago and has exceeded 75 thousand reactions on the famous social network. “Wish them well. # Mood (wish it well)”, the composer also wrote next to the recording.

Compliments, kisses, hearts, emojis and much more, the daughter of La diva de la Banda received in the Instagram comment box, where her followers did not stop showing their support. The influencer is also more than excited with the response she has from her audience in each of her publications.

Currently, Chiquis Rivera has more than 4 million followers on the social network, where she does not stop sharing content, images, videos and projects with those who support her in everything and are loyal admirers of her music.

The interpreter of Cheer up and you will see He has recently been in the celebrity news not exactly for his professional endeavors but for matters of the heart. The American personality appeared last weekend with a young man who they say is her new boyfriend, would Lupillo Rivera’s niece be giving herself another chance in love?

Janney Marin Rivera I would be sharing pleasant moments with Emilio Sánchez, Becky G’s photographer and who they say is a friend of Lorenzo as well. The singer could not stop reacting to the rumors and shared a message on social networks in which he assures this is the third time that a friend ends up with one of his exes. Apparently this was written in a moment of despair because a few minutes later he deleted his publication.

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Chiquis has not reacted at the moment, as is characterized, the famous prefers not to give details of her personal life and prefers to keep it that way, personal. Meanwhile, social networks and the media are still questioning whether the interpreter actually has a new love and would leave her relationship with Lorenzo Méndes completely in the past.