Tiger Woods was exceeding the speed limit by 64 km / h when he had his accident

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The authorities of The Angels have confirmed in a public press conference the causes of the accident that led Tiger Woods a few weeks ago. The popular golfer, who had to be admitted and operated urgently due to the severity of the blow, hit a tree as a result of speeding. According to the first data released, the North American exceeded 64 kilometers per hour the speed limit of the section.

At first it was speculated that Woods had consumed some substance or ingested alcohol. However, from the first days, county authorities seemed to rule out that possibility and focus all attention on possible speeding. The place where the accident occurred was a black point of the road and the first investigations were directed to confirm if there had been such excess speed.

After analyzing the black box of the car, the authorities have confirmed that Tiger Woods was driving about 135 kilometers per hour in an area of ​​just 45 miles per hour. In addition, they have determined that the pressure exerted on the pedal was 99%, so there are some researchers who believe that Woods was wrong when it came to hitting the brakes. The golfer, who does not remember the accident, has not been able to give details about it.

“The main factor that caused the collision was the driving at an unsafe speed for road conditions and the inability to make the curve “, he stressed at a press conference Alex Villanueva, Sheriff of Los Angeles and who has been giving details of the entire investigation since last February. Woods was wearing a seatbelt, had not consumed any substances and the car was in good condition, so speeding is the only reason the investigators found.

Because only the golfer was involved in the accident, and in the absence of witnesses, no charges will be filed against Tiger Woods, who has also not been summoned to testify. In recent days it had already been hinted that no charges would be brought against him for discharging substance use prior to the accident, so it made no sense. Something that generated some uncertainty among the North American media and that put the authorities at the center of criticism, accused in some reports of having had special treatment with Woods. That scenario has also been downloaded by Villanueva.

In full recovery

Woods was discharged on March 17 to continue his recovery at home. “Happy to say i’m coming home and I continue my recovery. I am very grateful for the outside support and encouragement that I have received over the last couple of weeks. Thank you to the amazing surgeons, doctors, nurses, and medical staff at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. You have taken great care of me and I cannot thank you enough, “he confirmed in a statement.

Now a recovery time will begin waiting to know if and when he will compete again. Tiger Woods, it should be remembered, already had the odd incident in a vehicle. First, during an argument with his ex-wife, from whom he fled to avoid an attack after his infidelity became public, and which led him to collide with a tree near his house. Years later, Woods was found in poor condition in the middle of a highway after spending the night in his own vehicle. On that occasion, several substances were detected in his body, although the golfer assured that he had mixed some pills that caused these symptoms.

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