Tiger Woods appreciates the shows of support after his serious accident

03/01/2021 at 18:58 CET

Martí Grau

Tiger Woods appreciates the expressions of affection from the golf world after the serious accident he suffered on Wednesday, March 24. The golfer, in a message on his Twitter account, was “moved” by the reaction of golfers at the WGC The Concession championship. They all decided to wear the color red in their shirts in honor of the tone that the American usually wears. “It’s hard to explain how moving it was today when I turned on the television and saw all the red shirts. To all the golfers and fans, you are really helping me through this difficult time.

After his car accident, many recognized that it was a miracle that he was still alive. For now He is still admitted to a Los Angeles hospital, recovering from injuries to his leg and right foot, for which he underwent emergency surgery.

Considered by many the best golfer of all time, second in history with the most major golf tournaments won (15 majors), was just three behind Jack Nicklaus, leader in the all-time ranking (with 18 majors). After the terrifying accident, at the age of 45, his return to the golf courses is a mystery.

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