Like millions of American citizens, Chad Chronister, sheriff of Hillsborough County, Florida, is going through this coronavirus crisis confined to his home. And, like every neighbor’s son on both sides of the Atlantic, it kills boredom in front of the television. What have you seen Last week, sitting on the sofa in his house with the rest of his family, he swallowed the seven chapters of Tiger King, the documentary series that Netflix has also been offering in Spain for two weeks. We know this because on Monday he posted an ad on his Facebook wall, asking for help to clarify one of the great mysteries that this documentary series talks about.

For those who haven’t seen it yet, Tiger King, directed by Eric Goode and Rebecca Chaiklin, is a crazed true crime (non-fiction genre examining a real crime) that portrays America’s private zoos, where, It is said that there is a greater tiger population than the one released in the rest of the world. Joe Exotic, a very strange, lame guy, married to two men at the same time and a country singer in his spare time, is the owner of one of them, the G.W. Wynnewood Zoo, Oklahoma. Cutre, like him and all his employees, marginalized those he picks up on the street in exchange for drugs and a miserable life and wages. He charges visitors a fortune for letting pet and puppies of all kinds of cats be stroked and photographed and, as it turns out, traffics in them too. Opposite, Carole Baskin, considered by some naive “Mother Teresa of the cats”. She does not have a zoo, but an animal sanctuary. The difference? The beasts do not live crowded into cages, but have some running ground and are cared for by a legion of volunteers who do not charge a dime for their effort.

Appeal by Sheriff Chad Chronister of Hillsborough County, Florida for help in the Jack Lewis disappearance case.

The lady likes to give ethics lessons and, at the head of her Big Cat Rescue foundation, near Tampa, she has waged a legal and political battle to close parks like Exotic’s. Although the miniseries focuses primarily on how he hires a hitman to try to murder his arch enemy, it is not long before another equally gruesome matter comes to light. Baskin’s fortune, the money that enables the woman to maintain her sanctuary and fight her competitors, comes from her husband, Don Lewis, who mysteriously disappeared in 1997.

According to the version of the alleged widow, very blonde and always dressed in garments printed with feline motifs, she was lost at sea on board her plane when she was bound for Costa Rica. But Joe Exotic, who is not exactly those who measure his words, accuses her of having killed him. “He gave his remains to the tigers to get rid of the carcass,” he glides without any regard.

The fact is, Carole Baskin has never been charged in this matter. Until now, at least, when boredom, or bullish shame, has caused Sheriff Chronister to stretch from the sofa and sit by his computer to write, on his Facebook wall and in Spanish: “With everyone doing what right and stay home (sic.), many of you have watched the Netflix documentary #Tiger King. One facet of the documentary is correct, the disappearance of Don Lewis remains an active cold case. So, with all the attention surrounding it, I thought it was time to use the popularity of the show to see if anyone wanted to feature new tracks. “

Carole Baskin, president of Big Cat Rescue, was the target of Joe Exotic. The whereabouts of her millionaire husband remains a mystery.

His publication of the typical poster is accompanied by two photos of Lewis and the following notice (in English, this time): Only YOU can help solve Jack ‘Don’ Lewis Cold Case ”(Only YOU can help solve Jack ‘Don’s open case ‘Lewis). If the case is “cold,” as the Hillsborough Sheriff points out, it seems like revenge for Joe Exotic, who is currently serving a 22-year sentence in Texas FMC Forth Worth federal prison on 17 counts of animal abuse and two counts of conspiracy. for murder, it was served at the same temperature.

Faced with the turn of events, Baskin was quick to lash out at the series and its creators, whom he accuses, in an interview published Monday in The Hollywood Reporter, of having cheated on her. “They said the series would expose the misery created by the unbridled breeding of big cat puppies. […] There are no words to explain how disappointing it is to see that it does not do any of that, but has had the sole objective of being as obscene and sensationalist as possible to attract viewers, ”he denounces. The matter may give for a second part just as juicy.

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