Tiffany Alegría, a 13-year-old minor who drowned in an apartment pool in Charlotte

A 13-year-old girl drowned in a swimming pool, located in a group of departments in Charlotte, North Carolina, without anyone noticing, even though there were people near her.

The victim was identified as Tiffany Alegría, 13, who was of Salvadoran origin.

According to information from the local police, the events were recorded in the swimming pool of the residential complex Vista Villa Apartments, located on Montego Drive, near The Plaza and Barrington Drive, in Charlotte, where the minor lived.

Fateful afternoon for Tiffany Alegría’s family

FIt was the afternoon of June 16 that Tiffany arrived with her grandmother, who used to take care of her, to the pool, very happy, already ready with her swimsuit to enjoy a nice and fun afternoon enjoying the weather and the water.

With the joy that characterized her, I did not hesitate for a moment to get into the pool immediately, since shee he really liked to enjoy his stay in the pool, despite not knowing how to swim.

And precisely for that reason, that he did not know how to swim, he always stayed in the lower part of the pool, but that day something happened that the minor died drowned in the pool, to which she had gone on other occasions.

On that occasion her grandmother accompanied her as on other occasions, to take care of her, but that fateful afternoon something happened, that the woman did not realize what happened to her little granddaughter.

No one noticed that the youngest Tiffany was drowning

According to police information, there were people in the immediate vicinity of the pool, but none of them noticed that the minor had problems in the pool, nor the moment when the minor drowned

It was until someone saw floating her body in the middle of the pool who called 911, according to what was published by WSOC-TV.

Moments later the emergency units arrived, the paramedics tried to revive little Tiffany, and transferred her to a hospital, where they could do nothing for her.

They will inspect the pool where the minor drowned

The Mecklenburg County Health Department announced that one of its inspectors will be in charge of checking the pool where the little girl drowned. Tiffany Joy.

According to Channel 9, Tiffany’s death is not the first fatal case recorded in the Villa Vista apartment complex, since in 2017 an 8-year-old girl died and in 2015 another under 4 years old died.

The pool in question passed inspection before opening this summer.

To support little Tiffany’s family with funeral expenses, which amount to nearly $ 10,000 an account was opened at Gofundme.

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