Tied: AMLO closes second year with the same approval that Calderón had in the same period

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He closes his second term in office with the same level of approval that former President Felipe Calderón Hinojosa registered at the time.

López Obrador obtained a 64 percent approval, the same percentage as Calderón Hinojosa in his second year in office, according to the most recent El Financiero Bloomberg poll.

Although AMLO’s approval among Mexicans is higher than the 39 percent of Enrique Peña Nieto in his second year of administration and the 59 percent of Vicente Fox in the same comparable period.

AMLO’s popularity recovered in November compared to last August, the month in which the president registered 59 percent.

Although the 64 percent approval that López Obrador receives from Mexicans is below the 78 percent he obtained in February of this year.

Methodology: National survey conducted by telephone to 820 Mexican adults on November 14 and 27-29, 2020. A probabilistic sampling of residential and cell phones was carried out in the 32 states. With a 95% confidence level, the margin of error for the estimates is +/- 3.4 percent. Questions marked with

were made on November 27-29, with 410 interviews.

Sponsorship: El Financiero.

Realization: Alejandro Moreno.

López Obrador begins his third year of administration with a new investment package in infrastructure projects.

On Monday, the Government of Mexico and the private initiative announced the new agreement that includes a total of 29 infrastructure projects for a total of 228 billion pesos.

The first agreement was announced by the Government and private initiative on October 5. In total, both agreements add 68 projects and are equivalent to an investment of 525 billion pesos.

To date, 10 projects of the first agreement have already started for a total amount of 43 billion pesos.

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