thus he convinced the players to continue believing in his method

What Spain made before Germany in The Cartuja it is football history. It is because getting six to the German team is not easy. In fact, I had only succeeded Austria in a friendly played on May 24, 1931 in Berlin. It is also because never before Neuer he had conceded so many goals against. In short, the selection hit the table in Seville, a city with which he maintains an infinite idyll. But if above all there is a winner in a night that will never be forgotten is Luis Enrique Martinez.

The Spanish coach has endured much criticism in recent times. Since his return and after starting with a draw against Germany and a brilliant victory against Ukraine in the first two days of the League of Nations, the results in Spain were not as expected. Draw in two friendlies against Portugal and the Netherlands, draw also against Switzerland and defeat against Ukraine. But all these reproaches it is more than likely that the Asturian did not even listen to them. He is very clear about his idea and with it he will go to the end.

Luis Enrique he is a coach with a huge personality, who pauses for a short time to see what is said outside, what happens completely from the press and that He has managed to generate a good vibes within a group that is to death with him. The Asturian is fully aware that in Spain there is no Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi, but he also knows that he has about 30 players who are going to go to the end with his idea, the one that happens to always play the same regardless of the scenario or the rival. That is, try to dominate all sections of the game, press up, defend well and seek to do damage in the opposite area.

Luis Enrique method

The merit of Luis Enrique it has been to convince everyone that they are capable of winning anyone. In bad times he wrapped them up and did not hesitate to defend them. Sergio Ramos or De Gea know what it is to have the public protection of the coach. Precisely the captain is key for this team to be a pineapple, like Busquets, the silent leader. The young people who are arriving do so to add with great enthusiasm and others with more experience are clear about their role. Everyone goes to one and above all there is the collective.

So, Luis Enrique has made everyone believe in his idea until the end. Nobody knows when it will arrive, but for now the first objective has been fulfilled and Spain will play the final phase of the League of Nations. However, the big challenge is still next summer’s Euro Cup.