Manchester City beat Burnley 5-0 for a new Premier League date and is still alive in the title race with Liverpool. However, there was one news that did not go down well: the injury of Kun Agüero.

Pep Guardiola decided to start it and Kun had an acceptable performance. Even near the end of the first half, he received a foul that, after being reviewed by the VAR, ended in a penalty for his team.

But, that play was the end of the game for him since he felt a discomfort in his knee that forced him to leave the match. Everything seems to indicate that Kun Agüero broke the menisci of the left knee and will undergo surgery.

« A little while ago I spoke to him. He locked his knee that had been hurting him for the week. It is the menisci, tomorrow they will perform an MRI and they will see the severity of the injury. I calculate that they will operate on Thursday or Friday in Barcelona, ​​where it was the last time« said his father Leonel del Castillo, in dialogue with Radio La Red.

And in the same line, he added: « He says it is the meniscus because otherwise the knee would dance if it were a more serious injury. Mood is always fine. He was already feeling pain from the parate and the doctors knew that what happened to him could happen to him at any moment. « 

« After the operation he will be in Barcelona for five or six days and will return to Manchester for recovery.. He said he wanted to do it now to get to play the Champions League « , closed his father.