Do dogs dream? We all know that they are good boys, but what would they do if one day their family disappears? Well, in the case of the protagonist of Thunder PawClearly, grab a shotgun and go out to deal as you seek to rescue those you love. Thunder Paw It comes to Nintendo Switch from the hand of Ratalaika Games, and as part of its line of titles focused on challenge and action, it does so at a reasonably low price. Although it does not happen on Nintendo Switch, on other platforms this line has great appeal due to the achievement system and the possibility of improving the prestige of your profile in the community. Having said that, I would like to warn you that since the game is not too long (20 levels and 5 biomes), I have chosen to publish only some screenshots that correspond to the initial zone.

A dog day

Our story begins one morning like any other. The sun is shining, the birds are fluttering around the field and a cub named Thunder is running happily while enjoying his new ball. Under this scenario, everything points to this good boy having a simple and happy life, but unfortunately that is about to change. Without anyone expecting it, a large nearby explosion occurs and the entire nearby area is destroyed. Concerned for his own, our puppy realizes the terrible surprise that destiny has prepared for him. His family has been kidnapped by an anonymous enemy and the only way to rescue them is to get down to work. So, shotgun in hand, Thunder goes out in search of his family and … revenge.

In regards to its gameplay, Thunder Paw It is a title with which you do not have to eat much of the head, since everything is quite intuitive. Defeating a specific number of enemies is possible to advance the zone, and this is a constant that is maintained until we face a final boss. Along the way there are some hidden boxes that provide some incentive to explore an area, but beyond that there is no great variety or any layer of complexity to worry about. With this I am not saying that the game is bad, because facing enemies without having to worry about complex puzzles or others is always welcome, but it is a detail to take into account by all those who are looking for a story with «something more »(like some Ratalaika Games titles they’ve already featured).

Despite not having complex gameplay, there is an element that stands out above the rest, and is the difficulty. In normal mode, Thunder Paw It is a somewhat accessible game in which the difficulty gradually increases to punish you for your excesses of confidence. At maximum difficulty it is quite unfair madness for those who are not used to this and knows how to present a good challenge for the most veteran. This (in addition to the way the game is presented) occurs thanks to what for many might consider something “broken” and unfair, the recoil when shooting.

There is only “one weapon” throughout the game, and while it is possible to improve the amount of damage it deals and the type of shot to use, it is not possible to add side effects or other more relevant changes. Well, this unique weapon has a rather curious setback, one that spoils any common strategy and often plays more than a trick on you. Is it a game bug? An ingenious way to increase the difficulty? I don’t know exactly, but it does more than accomplish its goal and in many cases makes fighting “frustrating” and challenging.

Pretty puppy

The style pixel art from Thunder Paw It is beautiful and arguably remarkable. The cinematics of the game are quite simple, but they work very well to convey a message and tell the little story that this title has. To this we must add that the enemies, despite being few, stand out thanks to being brightly colored and contrasting with the muted backgrounds that we encounter throughout this short adventure. Finally, it must be said that despite not many texts, all of these and the interface are translated into Spanish, as well as other languages.

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As expected, game performance is impeccable and fluent in both portable and dock modes, which is not surprising, since we are not facing a game that demands too much from the console. Glitches are also absent, so the gaming experience is not marred by closings or random bugs. Regarding its soundtrack, it must be said that although this is not bad and has adrenaline, it has little variety and therefore falls into the repetitive.

Thunder Paw – One thing I tell you, I have a shotgun

Thunder Paw It is a simple game with which you can disconnect and forget about everything else to spend the afternoon hitting shots. This is a blessing yes, as anyone could enjoy it, but at the same time it is a curse, since not everyone will be willing to play a title that is so simple and that it offers nothing beyond hitting shots and challenging final bosses. Currently it has a fairly cheap price (€ 4.99), and the few texts it has are translated into Spanish, so this is a more than adequate incentive for those seeking entertainment without having to repair complex mechanics or a convoluted history.

We have analyzed Thunder Paw thanks to a digital code provided by Ratalaika Games. Version analyzed: 1.0.0


One thing I tell you, I have a shotgun

Thunder Pawn is a game with which you can go into automatic mode one afternoon and disconnect completely. However, this simplicity is a double-edged sword, because sooner or later the absence of one more layer of complexity in its mechanics or extras takes its toll.


A simple and addictive game

Challenging and with quite challenging final boss fights


Some extra mechanics could not hurt

It is too simple