Despite the coronavirus, Google Maps continues to rethink ways in which to be useful to citizens while they remain in quarantine and hardly go anywhere. And it is that the mobile applications of Google Maps are receiving a function with which we can easily detect which restaurants are still open during quarantine.

Now, similar to how you were quickly accessing the job location or searching for restaurants or cafes, you can select two new options that are activated today: “Take away” and “At home”.

Clicking on these new buttons will equivalent to performing identical searches, but it is more intuitive and it is much easier to discover that it is now also cataloged by this information.

In this way, we can select the restaurants that, being close to our position, keep placing orders, both to collect and to send home.

As usual through Google Maps, the service informs us of the opening hours of establishments that meet the search criteria, as well as your phone number and even your website if it is available.

As usual when Google applies updates to its services, these are available in a phased manner. This is why it is only a matter of time before this new feature appears on your device. If something you can do is check on Google Play or the App Store that you have the latest available version of the maps application of Google.

It is interesting to see how Google continues to think of ways to update its services so that they provide a useful service to the population. Recently, major voice assistants were updated to provide information about the symptoms of COVID-19 disease, including Google Assistant.

Last Friday, Google released a series of reports related to mobility in more than a hundred countries in which it operates. These reports include the coronavirus impact on activity on different types of commerce, as well as their commuting to work or staying at home.

Google obtains this information through the location history, activated by default when we use the service, in a similar way to how it performs the follow-up on the influx of customers to a certain business depending on the time of day.

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