The minor’s father is a professional firefighter, so his tactics have been taught to his son, who plans to follow in his footsteps.

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Florida.- The case of a three-year-old boy was recently made known due to his skills as a firefighter, since his father has been in charge of teaching him how to perform the maneuvers of CPR to learn how to save people’s lives.

The history is about Asher Shell, a boy under the age of three, who lives in the town of Weillington, Florida, in United States; The little boy has developed a great liking for the profession of firefighters after he has seen the way his father works.

Her dad, identified as Christopher Shell, 34, is dedicated to working as a firefighter and paramedic in the Bynton Beach Fire Department, who has also followed in his father’s footsteps.

Given this, when the father has free time, he dedicates himself to teaching some tactics of his work to his little three-year-old boy, who is encouraged to continue with the profession.

In social networks, a video has been shared in which Asher Shell He demonstrates his skills with the help of his brother, who transports him in a small electric car to where a “fire« 

The child gets off and begins the respective protocol to turn off the fire, but his work does not end at that point, because after this he begins to revive a doll with the maneuver of CPR, without neglecting the instructions of his father.

His great abilities have amazed netizens, who applauded the attention and performance of the little firefighter.