Three reasons to buy a refurbished iPhone

Making a purchase on a reconditioned products site may raise some doubts. However, nothing is further from the truth, as long as we go to a provider that offers all possible guarantees. In this sector, One of the most popular and that the best opinions garner from its customers, is Back Market, specialized in the sale of all kinds of technological products, such as computers, cameras, smartphones or reconditioned iPhone.

If you are thinking of buying a refurbished product or iPhone, here are three reasons that we hope will help you take the step. Obviously, we do not dwell too much on the issue of price because it is something that is clear: you can get any product with a price reduced by 70% from the new sale price. In addition, right now they have a special campaign on the sale of iPhone 11, iPhone X and iPhone XR.

Quality and guarantee

You have to completely banish the idea that refurbished products are a lottery, in which you don’t know how they will turn out and if they will end up feeling like they have wasted their money. When a terminal of a person who no longer needs it arrives at the Back Market, it is inspected and reviewed by a group of technical experts who are in charge of restoring it so that, when it is put on sale, it is practically in perfect condition, despite being a second-hand terminal.

Back Market offers this guarantee that we cannot find in any portal for the sale of second-hand items in which we can only trust the seller’s word. At Back Market, when a refurbished device is ready for sale, it receives the Black Label, conforming to minimum quality standards. The process that each terminal undergoes before being sold on the Back Market is so exhaustive that only one out of every three phones that arrive is put up for sale.

To complete this process of guarantee and confidence for the consumer, Back Market offers a 30-day trial of the devices being sold and up to a 24-month warranty in case of incident.

Environmental care

The lifespan of each device is determined by each person. Someone who needs a phone with the latest features for their day to day and who is forced to change their phone every one or two years is not the same as a person who can easily spend years and years with it. When a person changes their mobile, in the best of cases they give it to another person or family member, who in turn gets rid of theirs. This causes millions and millions of tons of electronic waste are generated each year that put nature and the environment at risk.

One of the objectives with which Back Market was born is to help reduce this problem, giving a second (or third or fourth) life to electronic devices. The result is thousands and thousands of computers that, instead of ending up in places that do not belong, can continue to be useful for many other people.

Ease of payment

Shelling out a significant amount of money is not easy for many people. When we make a purchase, according to the Retail Report 2019 prepared by Adyen to 6,000 people, more than half of consumers abandon an online purchase process due to not being able to use a suitable means of payment to your needs.

Offering the possibility of financing is something that many consumers value. However, this process used by large companies was not very common in the market for refurbished products and iPhones. Back Market has also been one of the first to change this and offer all its users the possibility of paying for your purchases in different installments.

Although it already offered this possibility, a few days ago Back Market presented its new way of financing purchases from the financial institution Oney. With this alliance, all the people who want to buy a device in Back Market, can do it in a simple way in 3 or 4 installments. The first payment is made at the time of purchase and the following months, is charged to the credit card left by the buyer. This option is available for practically all products in the online store.

The procedure is very easy. If, for example, you want to finance the iPhone X and a camera, you just have to add them to your basket and follow the steps until you reach the time of payment. Then, select “Payment financed by credit card” as payment method, add your card and that’s it. No worries.

How to renew your iPhone at the best price

Although Back Market has specialized in the sale of reconditioned mobile devices, it also sells other types of products, such as laptops (also MacBook), consoles, tablets and small appliances, among others. This time, We bring you a selection of offers for reconditioned iPhone so, if you were waiting for the best offer to change your phone or just give away, take a look at this:

iPhone XR: The iPhone XR came on the market as Apple’s cheapest option but without skimping on anything. It was born in the shadow of the high-end iPhone XS and the only thing that differs is in the screen and the camera module. However, this mobile will not disappoint you. The proof is that it has become one of the best sellers in its history in just two years.iPhone 11: Apple’s flagship phone from last year is still a great purchase option. It has incredible performance thanks to its A13 chip, a Retina HD display and a camera that will leave you speechless. If you want a high-end mobile, this is a great option.iPhone X: If there is an iconic phone par excellence and the best sensations it has awakened among all users, it is the iPhone X, which commemorates the tenth anniversary of the iPhone. It is a perfect phone: compact size but not small enough, powerful and with a camera and a screen that, even today, place it in one of the best phones on the market.

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