Three points for Soller’s locker after beating Llosetense (3-0)

05/17/2021 at 12:20 PM CEST

The Soller consolidated a great victory after thrashing 3-0 at Llosetense during the meeting held in the Soller this Sunday. The Soller came to the meeting with strengthened spirits after winning at home by a score of 0-1 at Alcudia. For his part, Llosetense won at home 2-1 their last match in the competition against Cardassar. With this result, the solleric set is first, while the Llosetense It is fourth after the end of the match.

The match started in a favorable way for him Soller, who fired the starting gun at the Soller thanks to the goal of Marc in the 23rd minute. After this, the first half ended with a score of 1-0.

In the second half the local team scored a goal, which increased their distance thanks to a goal from frames in the 75th minute. After a new play the scoring of the Sollerico team increased, which increased distances by making it 3-0 through a goal of D’hondt in minute 82, thus closing the confrontation with a final result of 3-0.

The coaches made all possible changes. On the part of the local team they jumped from the bench to usually do, D’hondt, Olive, Garcia Y Fran Adelino replacing Cordova, Foundling, Toni Huertas, Marc Y Muñoz, while the changes by the visiting team were grandchild, Montori, Nicolau, Mateo Bergas Y Pulpillo, which entered through Bartomeu, Oncala, Jot, Toni Abo Y Garcia.

The referee warned with a yellow card to Moya, to usually do, Kike Echávarri, Martin Y Garcia by the Soller already Partners, Gonzalez, Amer Y Vaz by the llosetín team.

At the moment, the Soller is left with 36 points and the Llosetense with 28 points.

On the following day of the Second Phase of the Third Division the Soller will play against him Esporles away from home, while the Llosetense will face in his feud against the CD Genoa.

Data sheetSoller:Pau Segui, Martín, Marcos, Marc (Garcia, min.70), Exposito (D’hondt, min.46), Alex Latorre, Cordoba (Soler, min.46), Toni Huertas (Oliva, min.70), Moya , Muñoz (Fran Adelino, min. 85) and Joan CarlesLlosetense:Bartomeu (Nieto, min.44), Amer, Vaz, Jota (Nicolau, min.46), Gonzalez, Dosil, Toni Abo (Mateo Bergas, min.61), Zamora, Oncala (Montori, min.46), Partners and Garcia (Pulpillo, min. 70)Stadium:SollerGoals:Marc (1-0, min. 23), Marcos (2-0, min. 75) and D’hondt (3-0, min. 82)

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