Three passengers were attacked with knives on the NYC Subway as the demand for more cops grows

Amid growing calls for an increase in the number of uniformed police officers throughout the Big Apple Subway system, this Friday morning a string of attacks was recorded over a 12-minute period at three stations in Manhattan of the line 4, which left a total of three passengers with razor cuts and another with a blow to the face.

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) He reported that I was looking for three suspects of the random attacks, which began at 4:25 a.m. on the union square station, where the suspects pushed a 44-year-old man who was sitting inside the train 4 that was traveling south, and then one of them took out a knife and cut his face.

Minutes later, at 4:35 am, at the Astor Place station, another 40-year-old man also received a cut on his face while another individual, 41, was punched in the face. And then, according to the NYPD, another 44-year-old man was also cut on the back of his head with a razor, at the station Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall.

The attacks occur just three days after the restoration of 24-hour service on the Subway next Monday, and in the mass week in which the main directors of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), asked to the Uniformed and Mayor Bill de Blasio to increase the presence of uniformed officers throughout the public transportation system.

“Enough is enough”

“The responsibility for these vicious attacks does not lie with a Police Department that already has limited resources, but with Mayor’s office and on the people who take advantage of the Mayor’s negligence on the issue, “said Sarah Feinberg, the interim president of the NYC Transit, who added that if he (De Blasio) “needed a wake-up call, this is it. Enough is enough. The Mayor is risking New York’s recovery every time he lets these incidents slide without meaningful action. “

And the response of the Mayor’s Office to these remarks by the MTA executive did not wait. The spokesperson Bill neidhardt It said in a statement that New York City “is increasing to more than 500 officers out of a 2,500-strong traffic officer force to combat crime in the subway.” This in reference to the fact that last February, after another wave of stabbings of passengers on train A, an extra container of 500 policemen was dispatched.

The official criticized the fact that only the Mayor’s Office was singled out as responsible for the events at the Subway and recalled that the City “has taken the police out of desk work and put them on platforms and trains. We are going to continue dedicating massive resources to this fight to keep our undergrounds safe ”.

“We will not tolerate these acts of violence on our Subway,” tweeted the division of the NYPD Transit. “Detectives are following all leads and these criminals will be brought to justice.”

At an afternoon news conference, NYPD detectives indicated that they do not believe any of the incidents was a hate crime. The suspects, all three in his 30s, and one with braids on his head, are still at large.

The Uniformed insisted, with figures in hand, that in general serious crimes have dropped 43% in the Subway so far this yearBut one specific crime, attacks on people, has risen 25%, with 172 cases as of Sunday compared to 137 in the same period last year.

Just last Wednesday, four people were attacked at various subway stations in the city in a three-hour period, including a man stabbed in the face at Times Square station.

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