At least two people died in Iowa and one more in Kentucky during the sixth night of racial unrest in the United States, in which more than 40 cities in the country were under curfew in protests over the death of a black man at the hands of Police a week ago in Minnesota.

George Floyd, 46, was arrested by the Minneapolis Police On Monday of last week, when he was handcuffed and face down on the pavement, a police officer subdued him with one knee squeezing his neck for several minutes, until he was taken by ambulance to a hospital where he died.

Davenport (Iowa) Police Chief Paul Sikorski said authorities received reports last night of a disturbance at the North Park shopping center involving hundreds of vehicles and “vandals.”

Sikorski said that before dawn on Monday, the Police responded to dozens of incidents in the city in which firearms were fired, adding that four people were injured.

Two people died in different parts of the city and authorities are investigating the cases as homicides, the official added.

Sikorski, who reported that officers were “ambushed” in another incident resulting in an injured police officer, said that what happened last night “was not like the protests and marches on Saturday.”

“What we experienced last night was completely unacceptable and does not honor Floyd’s memory,” he added.

In Kentucky

For his part, Kentucky Governor Andy Bashear authorized the State Police to carry out an independent investigation of an incident this morning in which agents of the Louisville Metropolitan Police and National Guard soldiers shot dead. a man outside a supermarket.

The incident occurred, according to the version of Metropolitan Police Chief Steve Conrad, when officers and soldiers dispersed a crowd gathered in the supermarket parking lot.

Conrad said someone in the group of protesters for Floyd’s death shot security personnel and they responded.

Protests over Floyd’s death have joined Kentucky demands for justice for the March death of Breonna Taylor, a 26-year-old black woman who was shot in March by Louisville Police officers in her apartment while carrying conduct a warrantless raid on a drug investigation.

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