“Three months ago they commented that we were not candidates …”

The bad start to the course that City had led some to discard him from the league race: “Three months ago they commented that we were not candidates …”, he dropped Guardiola, happy with the response that his team has had, which has gradually improved to place itself in a privileged zone. If he wins tomorrow at Aston Villa at the Etihad, he will take over the leadership of the most compressed Premier that is remembered in many years.

Still isolated, Omen does not arrive in time for tomorrow’s crash. His absence is no longer news because for one reason or another it has not just started, insubstantial this season: “He is the most important striker in the club’s history. Of course we miss him ”, said the Catalan coach, who also confirmed the loss of Laporte. The center-back has had competition: “It is important that you have an open mind to have minutes. You already know that quality is there ”, he added. Pep.

The former Athletic club has lost his position for a while now, now in the shadow of Stones. On the miraculous return of English, Guardiola does not have the recipe. The credit belongs to the central: “It is not about talking to him for half an hour. Confidence comes from your job, that you take care of yourself, that you rest. He knows he has me by his side, but that consistency he has earned himself. Now he has to keep it, “he explained. Guardiola at a press conference.

An Aston Villa arrives in Manchester that has nothing to do with the one that was narrowly saved last year. Today is a renewed team, led by Grealish and accompanied by footballers like Douglas luiz, Barkley or Emiliano Martinez, which has given him a lot of presence under the sticks: “A rival with an undeniable quality that has started well, that has gained confidence and is not going to suffer to stay in the Premier,” he analyzed Guardiola, who wants to complete another solid encounter that will propel him to first place.