Three-legged! Raúl Araiza went further and was not a woman!

With three legs! Raúl Araiza went further and was not a woman! | Instagram

Raúl Araiza lived a tremendous disappointment! The dear driver of the Today Program He confessed that he went further with a girl; However, in the preview he discovered a huge detail, that it was not a woman. The actor shared his painful experience in full Members to the Air.

Raúl Araiza Herrera He raised the issue after he, Eduardo Santamarina, Jorga Van Rankin, Paul Stanley and Mauricio Mancera were questioned about what is the most shameful thing they have done for love. Before the question, quickly, the youngest of the Members on Air, Mauricio Mancera, shared that the most painful thing was to pay for love.

Before the words of the former driver of the Hoy Program, his colleagues questioned him if he had paid for love, to which some ended up confessing that for a few hours and even the son of Norma Herrera revealed that this was a very important point.

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However, what attracted the most attention was the confession of the actor of The soulless, because Raúl Araiza pointed out that the most shameful thing that has happened to him is to go further with a girl and at the very moment discover a huge detail and realize that it was not a woman, but a man with whom he was very entertained.

Extreme that between (the party) you thought I was a lady and you found maracas … it has also happened to me, but I did not continue when I felt …, shared Raúl Araiza.

Who also shared a sad anecdote was Jorge Van Rankin, Araiza’s partner of Hoy. El Burro shared that it has always been painful for him to serenade; however, he once did it for an ex. Van Rankin indicated that he arrived at the young woman’s house and the music began, but as he approached the door he was greatly surprised when the girl’s father told him that she was not there, that she had gone out with another man. The worst thing for the television host was finding out that the one who was with his beloved was one of his best friends.

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Raúl, Jorge and company have made Members on Air a program much loved by the public, all this for the openness and sincerity with which they address issues that are handled in few places and for confessing some features of their personal life without embarrassment. Many were struck by the recent departure of Eduardo Santamarina and Mauricio Mancera, who were very loved on the television program; But what was even more surprising was Mancera’s statement in which he assured that he was fired.