Three keys to the first day without masks abroad

A woman removes her mask. (Photo: fotostorm via .)

“Smiles return to the streets.” These are the words of Minister Carolina Darias to detail the regulations that end with the mandatory use of the mask outdoors.

From this Saturday you can do without it when the safety distance is met, but it should always be carried in your pocket or bag, ideally inside a mask holder, to put it if we pass through a crowded area or, obligatorily, if we access an interior or public transport.

Sun protection, more essential than ever

The dermatologists insisted that it was essential to continue wearing sun protection on the face even if we were wearing a mask on the street, but now that direct sun exposure is even more essential.

To ensure protection, it is enough to follow the advice that the experts indicate for the whole year. Apply a cream, spray or sun mist with a high protection factor, that is, minimum 30, and remember to reapply it every two hours. You have to pay special attention if you go to a park or go on a hiking trail and, of course, on the beach. People with sensitive skin, especially white or with abundant moles should also exercise caution.

Beware of exfoliation

The importance of sun protection is closely related to exfoliation. In the last year, masks have brought maskne as a gift, that is, pimples or acne breakouts derived from the use of a mask. To stop it, the most recommended by dermatologists and experts is to maintain a strict facial cleansing routine and the usual exfoliation depending on each skin type.

Now, without a mask, you have to be especially careful with the exfoliac …

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