Three boreal lynx cubs are born after being extinct for a century

The boreal lynx (Lynx lynx) is the most common and well-known representative of the genus Lynx. Medium in size, it is a predator native to European and Siberian forests. However, it is in danger of extinction in many areas. In fact, it was a species totally disappeared in Asturias for more than a century until they have announced the birth of three hatchlings lynx in Cangas de Narcea that have brought a breeze of joy to a place like this.

Of the three offspring born just over a week in the future “Lince Station” on Asturian soil thanks to Luis Frijales, a lover of European lynxes who brought a couple from Germany to have young in AsturiasOne of them, a small female named “Inga”, has died of what she suspects to be a viral infection.

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