Three arrested in an anti-doping operation in León

06/24/2021 at 6:12 PM CEST

An extensive anti-doping operation by the Central Unit for Specialized and Violent Crime ended up with three detainees in León. Among them, a well-known athlete, candidate for the Tokyo Olympics, as revealed by the ‘Diario de León’.

As for the other two arrested, whose identity has not been disclosed either, they are a Moroccan athlete and a person related to the “nursing area of ​​a health center in the province & rdquor ;.

All three were arrested for their alleged involvement with an alleged scheme for the use and distribution of stimulant substances for the practice of sport.

According to the Leonese newspaper, the operation, of which very few details have emerged, was coordinated from Madrid and culminated in the arrests on Wednesday. The investigation is under summary secrecy as it remains open and according to ‘Diario de León’ it is focused on the two athletes. With regard to the Leonese athlete, he has a certain notoriety and has been related to other athletes who have suffered similar performances in recent times. In the case of the Moroccan athlete, it seems that his involvement in the plot is secondary but he will also be questioned about his participation.

The third person arrested is being investigated as an alleged link with doping substances prohibited by current law.

According to the few details that have been known about this case, the three detainees had been under investigation for some time, as there were indications of their involvement in a network for the distribution of doping substances. The three must now testify before the judge.

The investigation has focused on several homes and stores specialized in products for the improvement of sports activity and new arrests are not ruled out.

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