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Joss Whedon and the return to the filming of Justice League

A few hours ago an extensive article was published by The Hollywood Reporter dedicated to addressing all the casuistry that occurred with Joss Whedon during the additional photography he directed from the film “League of Justice”, resulting in that version that we saw in the cinema in 2017 and that was so far from the original vision that director Zack Snyder had.

It is true that perhaps we can exonerate Joss Whedon, or at least not attribute 100% of the blame, for the changes made in the film, because after all they were changes imposed from above, by the studio. Zack Snyder himself has explained on many occasions that it was a constant battle with the studio, because from above they forced him to make a series of modifications to his proposal. However, the actor Ray fisher has been for months ensuring that Joss Whedon didn’t have a respectful attitude on that set. That is what has been denounced for a long time, and now THR offers new details of events that occurred on that set. As always, we are talking about information that comes from THR contacts and sources, as well as Ray Fisher himself, so we only have the information from one side, not the version of those involved like Geoff Johns or Joss Whedon, who are here directly pointed out.

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An extensive article that we recommend as always its full reading, but we are going to offer you some of the headlines of this “battle” that is being waged and that along the way is affecting the different DC products that we fans enjoy in the end. The points that we bring you here are:

Ray Fisher explains exactly why he hated Cyborg’s ‘Booyah’ moment Ray Fisher claims Whedon and Johns threatened him Joss Whedon would also have threatened Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins Cyborg’s role in Reduced Flash Geoff Johns would have rejected Regé-Jean Page like Superman’s grandfather on “Krypton”

Ray Fisher explains exactly why he hated Cyborg’s ‘Booyah’ moment

Image of Cyborg in Justice League (2017)Image of Cyborg in Justice League (2017)

One of the points of discussion between actor and director was having to say the character’s mythical slogan. This occurred when the producer Geoff johns He approached then-director Zack Snyder to include him in the film. A representative for Johns said Warner Bros. thought the phrase would be “a fun moment of synergy,” but Snyder declined to include it and instead put the word “Booyah” in the background of certain scenes. Fisher believed that this expression would not work as well in the live-action film as it did in the animated television series Teen Titans, where the phrase originated. “It seemed weird that the only black character would say that,” Fisher commented, comparing him to other black characters with famous phrases in pop culture, such as “What are you talking about, Willis?” by Arnold Jackson in “Diff’rent Strokes.”

The issue resurfaced when Whedon was hired. Whedon wanted to include the expression in the film, but Fisher objected. DC Films co-president and producer Jon Berg tried to persuade Fisher while taking him out to dinner.

This is one of the most expensive movies Warners has made, ”Fisher says Berg told him. What if the CEO of AT&T has a son or daughter, and that son or daughter wants Cyborg to say ‘booyah’ in the movie and we don’t have a take on that? I could lose my job.

Fisher told Berg that he knew that the line would go into the final cut of the film if he recorded it, that is to say that they would include it yes or yes if it was recorded, and he did not think that this would cost him the job. Berg. Nonetheless, Fisher agreed to shoot a shot with the line.

According to Fisher, the recording of that scene was especially upsetting. Whedon scoffed at him a line from Hamlet (Shakespeare) when he arrived on set to shoot the take, “Give the speech, I beg you, as I have delivered it,” to which Fisher replied, “Joss … do not do it. I’m not in the mood”. Once Cyborg’s line was recorded, Fisher left the set while Whedon said, “Good job, Ray.”

Ray Fisher claims Whedon and Johns threatened him while filming Justice League

Editing by Geoff Johns and Ray FisherEditing by Geoff Johns and Ray Fisher

However, the above is but one part of something bigger. Ray Fisher has given more details of how Joss Whedon and Geoff Johns treated him during those “Justice League” reshoots of 2017, calling his behavior threatening.

Fisher detailed how the then DC Films co-president and producer Geoff johns He reacted to Fisher’s agent contacting then-Warner Bros. Pictures Group content director Toby Emmerich to express concern about his and Whedon’s behavior on set. Fisher recalled a one-on-one conversation with Johns, who said that getting in touch with Emmerich was “not cool.” Fisher added, “He said, ‘I consider us friends – which he knew we weren’t – and I just don’t want you to make a bad name for yourself in the business,’” which felt like a threat.

In response to allegations about threats made by Geoff Johns, A rep for Johns claims the producer never made a threat to Fisher. The rep notes that John’s conversation with Fisher was about how the head of a movie studio is rarely contacted by an actor’s agent regarding a setting that involves creative issues.

The actor also cited examples of Whedon’s derogatory behavior on set, recalling Whedon telling him, “It seems like I’m taking notes right now, and I don’t like taking notes from anyone, not even Robert Downey Jr.”

Joss Whedon would also have threatened Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins

Image from Justice League / Justice League (2017)Image from Justice League / Justice League (2017)

Ray Fisher has always talked about these disrespectful behaviors in the first person. He has never publicly wanted to point out anyone, and he has done so once. However, THR has provided more details. According to the media, sources close to the Warner Bros. Justice League investigation spoke of the threats made by Joss Whedon to actress Gal Gadot, who we know gives life to Wonder Woman. A source allegedly cited him bragging about mistreating her, recalling: “Joss bragged about having her with Gal.” The anonymous source added: “He told her that he is the screenwriter and that she is going to shut up and say the lines and that he can make her look incredibly stupid in this movie.”

A source with knowledge of the situation says that Gadot and Jenkins faced that situation, culminating in a meeting with then-Warner president Kevin Tsujihara. Asked for comment, Gadot says in a statement: “I had my problems with [Whedon] and Warner Bros. handled it in a timely manner. “

Cyborg’s role in Reduced Flash

Montage of Flash and Cyborg from Justice League (2017)Montage of Flash and Cyborg from Justice League (2017)

Before this whole situation reached such levels, Fisher was expected to interpret a Supporting role as Cyborg in the Flash movie. In June 2020, Fisher says she had a call with director Andy Muschietti that seemed positive, but the talk hit a snag when Warners established that his participation would involve only a two-week shoot and called it a “cameo.”, offering only a fraction of what Fisher says should have been paid for reappearing as Cyborg. At the end of September, information sprang up saying that Fisher had asked to double his salary and that is why the study said no, but Fisher has acknowledged that that was said in September, it did not happen.

Finally, we now officially know that the studio removed the role of Cyborg from the film. Citing a tweet from December 30, the study said: “Given your statement that [Fisher] he will not participate in any film associated with Mr. Hamada, our production continues ”.

Fisher says he was not surprised. “When I first spoke, I assumed there was no way these guys would let me do my job in peace,” he says. Now working on the ABC anthology series “Women of the Movement,” Fisher says she knew that fighting could be costly. “I am not so indebted to Hollywood that I am not willing to expose myself,” he says.

I don’t think some of these people are suitable for leadership positions, ”says Fisher, explaining that he is not looking for anyone to be fired. I don’t want them to be excommunicated from Hollywood, but I don’t think they should be in charge of hiring and firing other people.

If I can’t get them to account. at least I can make people aware of who they are dealing with.

Geoff Johns reportedly rejected Regé-Jean Page as Superman’s grandfather on Krypton

Image of actor Regé-Jean PageImage of actor Regé-Jean Page

Already completely outside of what has been “Justice League”, the article also offers a curiosity. Apparently the actor Regé-Jean Page (“The Bridgertons”), came close to taking over the role of Superman’s grandfather in the series “Krypton” but Geoff Johns, then creative director of DC Entertainment, prevented it.

Page auditioned for the lead role in “Krypton,” the SyFy series was set in Superman’s homeworld some 200 years before its destruction, following the efforts of Seg-El, Jor-El’s father, to restore the world. honor of the family name.

The creators of “Krypton” opted for a non-traditional casting and wanted to sign Page, an English father and a Zimbabwean mother. But Johns apparently said that Superman’s grandfather couldn’t be a black man and overruled them. A representative for Johns said he was following fan expectations that Seg-El would look like Henry Cavill, the Superman from the DC movies.

The same sources said that the creative team wanted to make Adam Strange gay or bisexual, but apparently Johns rejected that idea as well.

Via information | The Hollywood Reporter