The Washington Post released information that will be brutal for Zoom, the video calling platform. According to the popular newspaper, thousands of Zoom video calls can be found online, without the authorization of the users, just by performing a simple Google search.

Apparently, the videos were saved in the cloud without a password. All available videos come from “host” accounts, the user who starts the video call.

This means that the videos were recorded by the host, since he is the only user who has access to record conversations without the approval of the rest of the participants of the video call.

As expected, many of these calls contained personal information, some even of a sexual nature, and many others contained business information. Clips of the calls are already available on YouTube and Vimeo, affecting the privacy of thousands of users.

Zoom replied that they offer their users secure ways to save their calls, and that the massive leak is due to their users’ carelessness and advises them to be more cautious.

Be that as it may, this new setback adds to the problems that have been discovered about Zoom after its popularity was triggered by the massive quarantine derived from the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Zoom indicated that, trying to show that they did not know many of their problems, in December 2019 alone they had a maximum of 10 million daily users, while in March 2020 they had an average of 200 million daily participants. They also indicated that they are developing solutions for all the security problems that have been disclosed.