While some people tried to return them to the water, others chose to take them to take home.

By: Web Writing

U.S.- During the last hours, thousands of the fish known as the sea star invaded the coasts of South Carolina.

Local press reports state that the hordes of these specimens almost completely covered the water on the beaches of Garden city and Surfside, both very close to the tourist destination of Myrtle Beach.

Dozens of tourists rushed to play with the creatures that, due to lack of water, were writhing in agony.

While some people took them to take home, some other people tried to return them to the sea so that they would not die.

According to the testimony of the ranger Ann Malys Wilson, the correct thing would be to take them very carefully so as not to hurt them and drop them one and a half kilometers from the coast.

With summer they are more common at low depths

However, several scholars of ocean animals claim that it is relatively common to find them at this time of year near the coasts because their food is found at low depths during the summer and return to the depths during the winter.

« We see them more at this time of year because there are more living organisms in the intertidal zone to feed. When winter comes they tend to come back closer to the shelf, » said Dakota Hughes, a Ripley aquarium fan.

(With information from Vive USA)