During the last weeks, several platforms have decided to offer free educational material to contribute a little to the current situation of social isolation to which we are subjected. For example, Coursera offered its full catalog of courses to universities, and Unity Learn Premium became free for three months.

In a similar spirit, at Pluralsight, the online learning platform specialized in offering programming courses, information technology, data science and cybersecurity, you have decided to give all your content for free during the month of April.


Under the hashtag #FREEapril Pluralsight is offering free access to its catalog of more than 7,000 courses taught by experts. For example, there you can find all the ethical hacking courses from Troy Hunt, the famous creator of the Have I Been Pwned website, which collects huge databases of security breaches and lets you check if your email has ever been hacked.

To start taking the courses you must register with your email address and you don’t need to add any payment method before. Of course, due to the high demand they are experiencing after announcing the offer, the process to claim your access is slower than expected.

You should wait for a confirmation email after registering, and it may even take a few hours. But, once it arrives you will have unlimited access to all the material for the month of April.

In the catalog you will find courses Python, JavaScript, C #, web development, mobile development, IT certifications, security, database administration, servers, virtualization, Big Data, SQL, cybersecurity, pen testing, malware analysis and much more.

         Free Pluralsight all April – thousands of programming, IT, cybersecurity and data science courses you can start now