Some inhabitants of the place think that the image has been created by aliens to communicate with us

By: Web Writing

FRANCE.- A signal Giant Templar appeared on July 5 in a countryside from Vimy, near Lens (north of France), which has created great expectations around the land and has caused thousands of people to visit it.

The farmer to whom these wheat crops belong, Gerard Benoit, happened upon the rune while driving the tractor. « I noticed that the ears of corn were lying on the ground. I thought someone had damaged my wheat overnight, but then I realized it was forming a pattern, » he explained to Terres et Territoires.

« It is well done. We have never seen a crop circle. We see it in movies. It is vandalism, but we said to ourselves: ‘It is good for once! » Nicolas Benoit, the farmer’s son, tells Franceinfo.

They hung pictures of the signal in its Facebook without even knowing what it meant, which attracted a huge number of curious people to her, something that has already started to tire them.

« We saw a lot of people come to the field and we discovered that there was a religion, beliefs around it. People are crazy. They come to pray, » explains the man.

« Some people tell us that it is the Templar cross, that the energy came out of the earth, that our countryside is blessed and can cure multiple sclerosis. They are crazy, « says Nicolás, who assures that his family feels » overwhelmed « and stresses that the land » remains a private property. «  » We have more people in our countryside than in our farm store, « he says dumbfounded.

The large influx of people who came to see it caused them to end up removing the photos from the social network with the aim of stopping visits, but it did not work. « In the end, it is a horror. We are not a museum. The crop circles are beautiful, but in others, » the man concludes.