The fires have destroyed everything in their path and vehicles were no exception

Wildfires are raging in California


Wildfires have been raging recently along the west coast of the United States.

In other words, fires foresters are sweeping Californiaas the state faces a record fire season due to the destructive combination of a heat wave and strong winds.

Wildfires have been raging recently along the West Coast, so far burning 900,000 acres of forest in Oregon, 2.5 million acres in California and 480,000 acres in Washington, according to the New York Times.

The fires have wiped out everything in their path and the vehicles were not spared. Pictures have been distributed showing a large number of classic cars that were burned to death in the California fires.

In one of those photos, taken by David McNew on September 8 and distributed by ., it shows a Willys CJ-3A with seat cushions and tires that have succumbed to the heat of a wildfire near Shaver Lake, California.

Behind the CJ-5 is a Dodge Stealth or a Mitsubishi 3000G. To the left of the photo is what looks like a plow-equipped 1970s Chevy C / K pickup truck, probably outfitted with an impressive bench seat and a great V8.

Behind these are many more cars that are difficult to identify due to the damage from the fire

In the background is what looks like a Dodge pickup from the 1940s.

Despite the material destruction and its gigantic dimensions, the Napa and Sonoma fires have been much less deadly than those declared in recent years, and at the moment there are only five deaths to mourn.


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