Thousands line up at the Basilica of Guadalupe before the closure by Covid

The Basilica of Guadalupe of Mexico City registered this Friday rows of parishioners who came a week ahead of the Day of the Virgin, date on which the closing of the temple to avoid crowds before the covid-19 pandemic.

The 2:00 p.m. mass brought together approximately a hundred faithful lining up at the gates of the temple, aware that December 12th, on the anniversary of the appearance of the Dark Virgin, they will not be able to approach her.

“Thinking that we could not come for the 12th, we came before. They took our temperature and gave us a gel, nothing more. They checked us that we were well,” the believer Sofía González emphasized to Efe on the esplanade of the temple.

The first parishioner in line, Violeta Rosas, also said she was aware of the need to “respect the healthy distance“, before assuring” Catholic “that this pandemic is” going through something “and that it deserves a reflection.

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“The people who have died from coronavirus are closer to God today. Those of us who stayed to experience the difficult are the ones who are here,” he said.

Rosas explained that he visits the Basilica every year or that, at least, he celebrates the Virgin from his home every time his anniversary arrives.

“I have been coming for about 26 years, for 26 years I have come to the basilica to give thanks to Our Lady mainly for the favors she does to the family. It is a tradition that I acquired from my mother,” he revealed.

Every year, like Violeta Rosas, some 10 million believers gather on December 12 in the capital’s temple to celebrate the Brunette virgin, after days of pilgrimage from different points throughout the country.

This year, however, the authorities of Mexico City decided to close the basilica from December 10 to 13 to avoid crowds and the health risk they could imply, since the city is mired in an increase in hospitalizations due to covid-19 .

The Mexican catholic church He also tried to dissuade parishioners from going to the Basilica of Guadalupe and set up a virtual program that includes an online pilgrimage.

The capital, the main hotbed of the pandemic in the country, accumulates 219,465 infections and 17,916 deaths from the disease, in addition to adding two months to the rise in hospital admissions.

With 1.14 million infected and 108,000 confirmed deaths, Mexico is the fourth country in the world with the most deaths.

Faced with this situation, which has even led the authorities to ask that people not leave the house, radiologist Aníbal Muñoz, who came this Friday to see the Virgin of Guadalupe “unexpectedly”, asked the rest of the parishioners to “take the measures that are signaling “because” this is not a game.

“It had been said that it had touched a pure adult, and right now there are cases of young people. It is being seen in hospitals that there are many cases of covid. I see it in the hospital,” he warned.

Faith for the Guadalupe’s Virgin arose in Mexico on December 12, 1531, when the myth says that this dark-haired Virgin appeared to the indigenous Juan Diego, canonized in 2002 by Pope John Paul II, on the Cerro del Tepeyac, at whose feet the basilica is located today. .