“Those who expect a lot of action should adjust their expectations”

The cravings begin to play an important role in the little less than 48 hours that remain until the premiere of Wandavision. The series, exclusive to Disney Plus, will officially start phase 4 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Although the first two episodes of the series will be released on Friday, an exclusive group of critics had access to the first three chapters. And the first reviews are quite positive. Although, one of these lucky ones said that it is « really unlike anything Marvel Studios has done. »

This opinion belongs to Erik Davis, manager and editor of Fandango, according to his Twitter. The critic expressed that he really enjoyed the first three chapters, which raises the expectations of the fans.

« It’s light, fun, and totally committed to its retro-style sitcom inspirations. But it also carefully sprinkles in enough mystery and intrigue to keep you guessing, » he wrote.

No spoilers

Without revealing a spoiler that could damage the premiere experience, Davis explained a new modality that Marvel tested, at least in these first changes. « Fans who want great action scenes should adjust their expectations, at least from the beginning, » he said.

In this way, it makes it clear that the principle is dedicated to what is going through Scarlet witch. That is to say, we will have to be very aware of the dialogues. Well surely they will explain many things about the immediate future of Marvel.